Joeri is an Amsterdam area based mobile designer. He has a soft spot to get things moving and improve within big organisations. Warning, he has an opinion about a thing or two.

With 10+ years experience in mobile design, Joeri has created apps and worked on mobile experiences for Nederlandse Spoorwegen, ANWB & Eneco: some of The Netherlands most Iconic brands. He is one of the founding fathers of the mobile apps for the Nederlandse Spoorwegen, which where awarded best Dutch iOS app two years in a row.

Joeri likes to work on the client-side and closely together with developers, marketeers and other roles in a blended (scrum) team. Not afraid to make tough decisions. Comfortable to be wrong, never in doubt. 

Besides long-term projects at in-house teams he worked on apps for American Airlines, Transavia, Liander, and Visma. Mostly through agencies.

Experienced in increasing app traffic, usage and adding business value with apps.